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Aged Up

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Ashley Cooke will do just about anything to save her struggling ski hill. When she hires the men from a local sober living home for the season to cut costs, even she thinks she’s gone too far.

With her credit cards maxed, her cheating ex-husband intent on buying the mountain out from under her, and record-breaking snow in the forecast,

she can’t afford to be distracted by the six-foot-tall bearded and tattooed sober living home owner moving onto her mountain.

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Older MCs, forced proximity,

winter vibes, redemption

Content notes: Addiction, divorce, mourning the loss of a parent

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Mira Harlow has finally lost it. Between running her bakery, parenting her 14-year-old son, and taking care of her mom, she’s a stretched-thin mess. But kissing a total—and very sexy—stranger before begging him to be her date to the biggest wedding her small town has ever seen so her ex won’t think she doesn’t have one? That’s a whole new level of chaos, even for her.

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Older MCs, fake dating, LOADS of pining, Content Notes: Living with and caring for a parent with mild cognitive impairment, addiction, relapse, an unhealthy ex.

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For jingle writer Kissie Mitchell, rules are all that stand between order and chaos. Determined to move on from a breakup and a stagnant life, she heads to Mystic Hot Springs—a resort in the remote town of Twin Hearts, Montana—for a Valentine's Day getaway with her best friend before embarking on a new job in Seattle and a more exciting life. She's armed with a laminated list of rules to keep her heart safe and a simple plan: find a rebound guy, get lucky, put her ex behind her. Not part of her plan: the resort’s sweet and smoking hot bartender, Andrew Trig.

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Small town, magic,

he falls first.

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Once upon a time, I was Nona May Taylor, a twenty-three-year-old folk singer on a collision course with stardom. Until a jealous witch cursed me into old age so she could steal my career. Now I’m hiding out in my grandpa’s cabin in the Montana wilderness, nursing my aching joints and shaving my old lady beard while the witch climbs the charts as one of the world’s biggest pop stars.

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Found family, forced proximity, love is stronger than hate

Content notes: closed door threesome

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Signed copies of my books are available for $20.00 USD, which includes shipping in the US.

If you would like a signed copy, please email me at jess@jesskhardy.com to let me know which book(s) and where you would like them shipped. I’ll invoice you via PayPal so let me know which email address you’d like me to invoice.

Thank you!!!!

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A Montana transplant hailing from the suburbs of Chicago and about twenty other places,

Jess K Hardy is a lover of mountains and snow, long nights and fireplaces, hiking in mountains, and swimming in lakes.

She has been a sandwich artist, a student, a horse trainer, a physical therapist, a wife, a mother, and also a writer. She writes contemporary and speculative adult romance and is passionate about telling stories that feature older people being hot and falling in love.

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